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Colonial Sandstone Cottage House


Nothing makes a home appear more appealing than a well-kept landscape. Our trustworthy commercial and residential garden maintenance in Adelaide is offered by Maddern's Place Garden & Landscaping

Regular upkeep is necessary for a beautiful garden. We are aware that not everyone has the time, desire, or resources to prune trees, mow lawns, weed gardens, or take care of plants. To ensure that your garden and home look their best, our team of experts will handle all of your gardening maintenance requirements.

Maddern's Place Garden & Landscaping can provide ongoing maintenance for residential & commercial properties around Adelaide Metro Areas. Our Gardening Services Include:

  • Fertilising & Planting

  • Heavy & Light Garden Tidy-ups & Green Waste Removal

  • Lawn Mowing & Edge Trimming

  • Weeding, Hedge Trimming & Pruning

  • Commercial Gardening

Image by Jonathan Kemper


Our team of gardeners employ a same strategy to give your garden a thorough spring cleaning to get it ready for the warmer Perth months, just as you would to freshen up your home after the winter season. To keep your property in bloom throughout the spring, we can offer a variety of garden maintenance services.
The optimal time to plant, fertilise, whipper snip, and mulch is in the spring to prevent weed growth and preserve soil moisture for the upcoming hot season.

Residential Houses


Your garden must be well prepared if it is to withstand the effects of the Adelaide heat. Our experts can offer you a planned garden management plan to make sure your lawns and gardens are taken care of throughout the hot summer so you can genuinely appreciate your special garden space throughout the season.
Because everything grows so quickly in the summer, July is the optimum season for hedge trimming, topiary trimming, extensive grass maintenance, and mulching.



You may rely on our staff to get your garden ready for winter and the next spring once the summer season has passed. At Maddern's Place Garden & Landscaping, we are aware that the autumn season is very important for assuring the best results and development come spring. Our crew is here to give you the necessary services to make sure your garden is taken care of.
Leaf cleanups, planting, and fertilising are frequently done in the fall to get ready for winter.



Property owners frequently neglect their gardens throughout the winter because they believe that all plants become dormant at this time. Our crew is aware that gardens need upkeep throughout the year, and we can develop an ongoing maintenance schedule to make sure your garden is looked after even in the drier months.

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Lawn and garden maintenance is an excellent way to bring your property to life. The benefits of having our team of gardening professionals take care of your lawn and garden trimmed regularly are:

  • Our knowledgeable team are familiar with different grass varieties and understand the needs of different grass types to ensure the right lawn and garden care measures are provided. 

  • Our services will save you valuable time because lawn and garden maintenance often requires serious commitment and time. We have the resources to achieve a perfectly groomed turf and garden. 

  • By letting us take care of your lawn and garden maintenance needs, your lawn is in the hands of experts who are experienced enough to avoid or prevent common hazards. 

Your lawn and garden is the first thing people see when looking at your property. Maddern's Place Garden & Landscaping can help ensure that you maintain your properties value and appearance by regularly caring for it.

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