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Lawn Mowing

If you require short maintenance while you're going on vacation or more frequent lawn maintenance, our crew is thoroughly trained, insured, and background checked, so your lawn and property are in good hands.
For longer-term, seasonal lawn maintenance, such as weeding and pest control, fertilising, soil management, aeration, coring, through grass laying and restoration, we can also offer guidance and assistance.
With masterful trimming and edging of the entire lawn area, around trees and garden features, you will notice a difference that a skilled lawn cut provides.
Maintaining your lawn is crucial since it contributes much to the outward appeal of your property. You will receive our exceptional level of service whether you require weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or one-time lawn mowing.

Lawn Mower Tutorials

What Causes Damage to Grass

Over-cutting has potential to stunt the development of your grass. Extreme stress can be caused to your lawn, and over-mowed grass will encourage bare patches where weeds will flourish.
Longer grass encourages stronger root growth, shades the ground, lowers evaporation, and prevents weed seeds from germination by blocking the light.
There in final, a lawn that is properly watered, fertilised frequently, and mowed will generate a healthier turf with fewer weeds & problems.

How often should I mow

This is largely dependent on the kind of grass you have and how it grows. Making ensuring that only one-third of the grass is cut is your priority.
Most lawns should ideally be mowed once a week throughout their active growing season—more frequently if the owner goes crazy with fertiliser and watering!
A reasonable compromise is often to mow every 7 to 14 days. When winter comes the grass can go dormant so you can extend out the service
The amount of green foliage that produces plant food is significantly decreased if the grass is too tall at the time of the subsequent cut and more than a third is removed. The plant struggles and the turf suffers in the winter when there are less daylight hours.

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