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🌞 One-Day Wonder: From Grassy Green to Stone-Studded Elegance! 🚀

What a thrilling day we had under the beautiful sun at Seaford Rise! With sweat on our brows and a spark in our spirits, we took on a project that was all about transformation – turning the old into something absolutely stunning!

Today's adversary? A stubborn turf of Kikuyu grass. Armed with shovels and tenacity, we showed that grass who's boss, clearing the way for an extraordinary makeover.

A big shoutout to our friends at Wood N Logs for supplying us with the gorgeous 14mm Yankstone and our buddies at Railways for their excellent stepping stones. Oh yes, you heard it right – stylish stepping stones now lead the way to the door. 🚪

After the Kikuyu removal, we pampered the ground with a rejuvenating weed-stopping spray, ensuring our new look would remain pristine. Then, it was time for the pièce de résistance: the application of the stunning Yankstone. Talk about a landscape glow-up! 🌿

You won't believe the mountain of grass and dirt we unearthed from such a small area! 😅 But no amount of Kikuyu or dirt mounds could deter us from our mission.

End of day result? A roaring success!

This little patch has undergone a Cinderella-like transformation, from green and grassy to a practical and charming stone-studded path.

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